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Commercial Doors

Buildings come in a range of different sizes and requirements — to allow owners more selection based on their needs, Clopay® carries one of the largest inventories of commercial doors available today.  Whether you utilize your building for manufacturing, warehousing, emergency facilities, agriculture, automotive services or anything else, there’s a Clopay commercial door solution that will work for you.


Keep reading to learn more about the complete lineup of commercial door products available from Clopay.

Sectional Garage Doors

Clopay manufactures three main product lines of sectional garage doors:

  • The Architectural series offers exceptional visibility and aesthetics that work well not only in buildings, storefronts or garages but also as an interior partition or patio door. Choose from multiple glazing and finishing options to customize your purchase.

  • The Energy series of insulated commercial doors provides superior climate control in large buildings and warehouses. Available with and without Intellicore® insulation, Energy series commercial garage doors can be configured to deliver R-values up to 22.2, making them suitable to use in any application where efficiency is a requirement.

  • The Industrial series is engineered for high-traffic, heavy-duty applications where reliable performance and durability is a must for budget-conscious owners . Over a dozen different designs and multiple configuration options make Industrial series sectional garage doors a versatile choice for commercial use.

Rolling Steel Garage Doors

Commercial rolling steel overhead doors are an economical choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Available Clopay products include:

  • Service doors in stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum, available with or without insulation.

  • Counter doors and shutters for smaller openings in concession stands, parts departments and other applications where fire and smoke resistance is not required.

  • Security grilles that prevent access while providing a clear line of sight and allowing air to circulate.

  • Commercial roll-up doors for storage facilities, warehouses and other commercial applications.

Contact Clopay directly for more information about available non-insulated and insulated commercial overhead garage door products.

Specialty Products and Accessories

Clopay’s sectional and rolling steel commercial doors are extremely versatile platforms that can be customized to better suit your aesthetic and functional needs. Whether you have specific branding, security or workflow requirements, a Clopay door can be counted on to deliver value and performance. Available customization options include:

  • Pass doors that allow individual access through an integrated smaller opening. Available on the Energy and Industrial series of commercial steel doors.

  • Breakaway bottom sections that release upon impact, preventing extensive damage in an accident. Available exclusively on the Energy and Industrial series of products.

  • Removable center post mullions that allow wider or larger vehicles to pass through as necessary. Available on all sectional garage doors.

  • And many more customizable framing and track options. Visit individual product pages to learn about the full range of possibilities.


You’ll find Clopay products in a diverse selection of commercial applications, including restaurants, service stations, car dealerships, fire stations, warehouses, loading docks, concession areas, shopping malls and more. Insulated commercial overhead doors make an excellent choice when energy efficiency is required, while conventional rollup garage doors offer value and durability. To have a Clopay representative match you with the ideal commercial steel door for your needs, get in touch by phone or email today.

Commercial Door Specialists Ready to Help

If you have questions about our commercial doors, we are here to help. Our extensive service & support center is a great place to find information about our commercial door warranty, installation videos, product manuals and brochures, maintenance tips and more.


In addition to our online resources, we also have commercial door specialists to assist you via phone or email. Or, if you need installation and maintenance services, our vast network of commercial door dealers is ready to help. Click here to find a dealer near you today!

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CornellCookson is a leading rolling door and grille manufacturer with facilities in Mountain Top, PA, Gastonia, NC and Goodyear, AZ. The company produces custom closure solutions found in stadiums, hospitals, hotels and museums, along with a variety of facilities where reliability, security and life safety is vital. CornellCookson is committed to providing high quality, domestically-manufactured solutions, and its brands have operated within the United States since 1828 and 1938. Products are sold through a network of more than 700 Cornell and Cookson dealer partners worldwide to ensure competitive pricing through equal and alternate brands.


Liftmaster Commercial


Whether You Need Trolley or Hoist Operators, We Offer Innovative Industry-Proven Solutions.


Jackshaft (J) Style Operator

Optimal for industrial applications. Doors used with this operator should be balanced with the ability to be manually lifted in an emergency or power outage.



Trolley (T) Style Operator

Optimal for general industrial applications with sectional overhead doors.


Hoist (H) Style Operator

Optimal for industrial applications, Hoist Operators include a floor level chain hoist to ease manual operation in an emergency or power outage.

LiftMaster Operators Come Standard with These Advanced Features:

MyQ Technology:

  • Provides revolutionary technology only found in LiftMaster Commercial Door Operators.

  • Enables Secure Monitoring and control of the operator with a smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Each Internet Gateway device (828LM) can manage up to 16 operators or devices. Multiple Internet gateways may be installed to accommodate additional commercial devices.

Built-in Security+ 2.0® Radio Receiver:

  • Provides industry leading technology only found in LiftMaster Commercial Door Operators.

  • Increased security - with every click, a new code is sent to the Commercial Door Operator ensuring the door opens only for the individual pressing the remote.

  • Enhanced radio communicates with tri-band frequency to improve range and reduce interference - assuring the door opens, stops and closes conveniently and reliably every time.


  • Provides functionality for the operator to automatically close the door as soon as the vehicles are clear, eliminating the potential for theft and damage, keeping your business secure while you’re away.

Maintenance Alert System:

  • Provides reminder to contact your LiftMaster Dealer for routine maintenance.

  • System can be set to alert upon a calendar date or after a selected number of operator cycles.


Hormann Flexon

Hörmann is one of the world’s leading high speed roll up door manufacturers and a global leader in today’s building components industry. The family’s name has become synonymous with brand quality products covering a wide range of doors for industrial, commercial door and residential applications. Constant innovation, quality assurance and close proximity to customers are the keys to the company’s permanent growth and lasting success. Operated by the third and fourth generation, the grandson and great grandsons of the company’s founder, Hörmann currently serves customers in more than 30 countries with a multitude of quality products.

The Hörmann range of commercial roll up doors along with the openers are specially designed and developed to meet the requirements of the North American market. And we do it without compromising the Hörmann standard for quality and design offering superior protection and safety.

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DoorKing provides access control solutions for homes, apartment complexes, office buildings, college resident halls, gated communities, parking lot operations, military bases, airports, seaports, self-storage and industrial sites throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.  Doorking is know around the world as one of the leading gate operator manufacturers.

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HySecurity gate operators, crash gates, barrier arms and wedge barrier arm operators provide unparalleled reliability, quality, total lifetime value, and field configurable functionality. These respected machines protect everything from terrorism targets to single family residences worldwide. If the site deserves the ultimate in security, performance, and reliability, HySecurity is always the operator of choice.

HySecurity was started in the 1960s using the same hydraulic technology common in the aircraft industry. Today our headquarters and manufacturing plant is located near Seattle, Washington. HySecurity is represented worldwide by a network of distributors that is second to none. Besides our dedicated sales team, we offer specificier support, making your job even easier.

All of our operator designs are tested for millions of cycles before release to the market. Slide, swing, traffic barrier, vertical lift, parking and crash operators all receive the same kind of rigorous testing. Security, reliability, low maintenance, flexible speed and overall toughness are our foremost criteria.

Our operators are used in a wide variety of capacities from High Security, industrial, correctional and border sites to commercial, parking and multi-family residential applications. HySecurity operators are chosen when quality and high duty cycles are required. Strength, reliability, and our industry-leading warranty make HySecurity operators the only choice for many designers. Any secure facility with high traffic volume, high security or low maintenance requirements can be well served by these tough, reliable operators.

View our photo gallery to see installation images at International Airports, numerous federal, state and municipal sites, refineries, water treatment plants, corrections facilities, transportation facilities, corporate campuses, power generation facilities, mini storages, gated communities and VIP residences.