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In June of 1989, David and Marie Hall decided to open a residential and commercial garage door business in Asheville, NC after realizing a need for qualified door technicians.  That day marked the first day of business for Asheville Garage Door Services Inc.  Over the course of the next 25 years, AGDS became know as Buncombe County’s premier garage door service and installation company with a focus on residential and commercial garage doors and openers.

David has 35 years of field tech experience and Marie has an accounting and business background; this allowed them to provide the right balance of technical experience and business acumen necessary to grow a wonderful business.  Their “mom and pop” business model was just what the Asheville area needed and allowed for steady growth over the next 25 years.

In 2016 David and Marie decided that they were ready to retire and began the search for a qualified company to continue what they had started years ago.  They wanted to make sure that whoever acquired the business would continue to be a “customer superstar ”  to the thousands of customers they had serviced throughout the years.  They wanted to find a company that would align the same values and ethics that had made them a successful business.  The last and biggest concern was to secure employment for their current employees.

The search was over when they came to an agreement with Dusty Georges and Garage Door Specialist Inc. from Morganton, NC.  Dusty Georges values aligned perfectly to create a seamless acquisition because both companies were family-owned and sold the same products – it was a perfect match.

Dusty Georges has been in the door and access business for 20 years and he considers himself a “generational doorman.” His dad Barry Georges started Garage Door Specialists Inc. in 1976 and Dusty has been around the business literally all of his life.  He likes to say that growing up around the dinner table all that was talked about was doors and openers.  Dusty has grown the business from 6 employees running 3 trucks to more than 20 employees running 15 trucks with a strong focus on commercial and industrial doors, docks and gates.

The acquisition will allow Asheville Garage Door LLC. to become the leader in the residential, commercial and industrial door, dock and gate business in Asheville and surrounding areas.  Our size allows us to negotiate better costs from suppliers thus allowing us to pass the savings onto our customers.

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Our Transition and Growth 

This time proved to be a difficult transition of power as the company and the entire nation was experiencing one of the worst economic downturns in history.  Dusty was able to steer the company through the Great Recession with the help of good advisers and good employees.  We take great pride in never having to fire or cut pay during that economic crisis.  It was a tough time for the company and the industry but ultimately helped GDS rise as one of the best and most well ran companies in the area.  For GDS, the recession was actually a good time because it eliminated the “tailgater” companies that were not doing quality work and gave us the credibility we had earned.  In 2010  Dusty met another doorman names Lane Jones who was working as a subcontractor to the industry. This turned out to be one of the best meetings in Garage Door Specialsits Inc.’s life.

In 2012 Lane Jones and Dusty Georges decided to merge the two companies of Garage Door Specialists and All About Doors to create a laser-focused set of companies.  This merger allowed us to split GDS’s business into a specific residential company and specific commercial company.  This allowed us to use industry-specific technicians to each segment of the garage door and dock market. This merger proved to be a great fit for both of the prior companies and allowed unprecedented growth for both companies.  Because of the size of the new companies, it allowed us to attract some of the best industry talents in the area.    We have been blessed to be able to employ some of the best technicians available in the area.  From 2012 to 2016 Lane and Dusty were able to grow the business by 20 percent in each of those years and meet revenue goals we set when the companies merged.  During this time they were able to grow a new segment of their industry which was being under served in the area.  Gate operators and entry doors became a segment that was not an offering prior to the merger.  This segment allowed us to offer commercial customers an end to end experience with there door, dock, and gate needs.  From the front entrance gate to the back dock doors and equipment it allowed a “one-stop” for all access points in their facilities.  In 2016 we were able to promote Scott Benge as our first ever commercial estimator.  This has allowed us to better manage our bid work and processes associated with that segment of the industry.   

The Present and Future

In 2016 Garage Door Specialists was able to acquire Asheville Garage Door Services in Asheville, NC.  The new business would become Asheville Garage Door LLC and would be managed by Rebecca McGimsey.  She had worked for GDS in the past and was a great fit to become the General Manager at this location.  Her business knowledge combined with her door knowledge has proved to be a wonderful fit to that location.  The business started with just 2 technicians and currently has 4 technicians and 1 project manager to accommodate the extreme growth in the Asheville area.   This company has almost doubled since the acquisition and it is because of great customer service and attention to detail.  Rebecca and her team have because customer service superstars and customers are realizing that we are the best door company in the area.  This can be shown in our 4.9 stars on Google with over 80 5 star reviews.  

Currently, the organization has over 20 employees with 12-15 trucks on the road.  The organization covers all aspects of the door, dock and gate industry with extreme focuses on the residential, commercial and industrial markets.  Garage Door Specialists focuses on the residential market primarily with a big focus on contract commercial work.  All About Doors focuses on the end users of commercial and industrial facilities, gate operators and entry doors.  Asheville Garage Door primary focus is the higher end residential markets of Asheville and the commercial markets.  

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