Commercial Overhead Doors

Whether you store a fleet in your commercial garage, keep a company car inside or use your garage for loading and unloading throughout the day, the space plays a significant role in your daily operations. You need your garage door to open and close reliably and efficiently every day of the year. If you need repairs or installation services, you can count on the team at Asheville Garage Door. We offer a range of durable, high-performance garage doors, and we perform a wide range of services — starting with commercial overhead door installation.

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New Commercial Overhead Doors Installations

We have many commercial overhead door services available in Asheville, North Carolina. Whether you want to replace your current door or install one on a newly built commercial garage, we can help. From elegant, modernized designs to roll-up sheet doors and service doors, we provide a wide range of options to match your business’s needs. Once you’ve made your decision, one of our experienced technicians can handle the installation for you. 

Installing a commercial garage door replacement or getting a new door for your business is convenient and efficient when you work with Asheville Garage Door. We’ll help you address any operational requirements and set up your new garage door so it’s ready for your everyday use. If you need repairs down the road, we can help with that, too. Partner with us to find your commercial garage door solutions.

Experience the Benefits of Our Commercial Overhead Door Installation Services

When you work with Asheville Garage Door, you get integrity, friendly service and affordable pricing for your commercial garage door needs. We’re a dedicated local company offering expert service and personalized customer service. If you want to explore your commercial garage door options with our team, give us a call at 828-255-0830 or contact us online today.

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Commercial Doors

Buildings come in a range of different sizes and requirements — to allow owners more selection based on their needs, Clopay® carries one of the largest inventories of commercial doors available today.  Whether you utilize your building for manufacturing, warehousing, emergency facilities, agriculture, automotive services or anything else, there’s a Clopay commercial door solution that will work for you.

Keep reading to learn more about the complete lineup of commercial door products available from Clopay.

Sectional Garage Doors

Clopay manufactures three main product lines of sectional garage doors:

  • The Architectural series offers exceptional visibility and aesthetics that work well not only in buildings, storefronts or garages but also as an interior partition or patio door. Choose from multiple glazing and finishing options to customize your purchase.

  • The Energy series of insulated commercial doors provides superior climate control in large buildings and warehouses. Available with and without Intellicore® insulation, Energy series commercial garage doors can be configured to deliver R-values up to 22.2, making them suitable to use in any application where efficiency is a requirement.

  • The Industrial series is engineered for high-traffic, heavy-duty applications where reliable performance and durability is a must for budget-conscious owners . Over a dozen different designs and multiple configuration options make Industrial series sectional garage doors a versatile choice for commercial use.

Rolling Steel Garage Doors

Commercial rolling steel overhead doors are an economical choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Available Clopay products include:

Contact Clopay directly for more information about available non-insulated and insulated commercial overhead garage door products.

Specialty Products and Accessories

Clopay’s sectional and rolling steel commercial doors are extremely versatile platforms that can be customized to better suit your aesthetic and functional needs. Whether you have specific branding, security or workflow requirements, a Clopay door can be counted on to deliver value and performance. Available customization options include:

  • Pass doors that allow individual access through an integrated smaller opening. Available on the Energy and Industrial series of commercial steel doors.

  • Breakaway bottom sections that release upon impact, preventing extensive damage in an accident. Available exclusively on the Energy and Industrial series of products.

  • Removable center post mullions that allow wider or larger vehicles to pass through as necessary. Available on all sectional garage doors.

  • And many more customizable framing and track options. Visit individual product pages to learn about the full range of possibilities.


You’ll find Clopay products in a diverse selection of commercial applications, including restaurants, service stations, car dealerships, fire stations, warehouses, loading docks, concession areas, shopping malls and more. Insulated commercial overhead doors make an excellent choice when energy efficiency is required, while conventional rollup garage doors offer value and durability. To have a Clopay representative match you with the ideal commercial steel door for your needs, get in touch by phone or email today.

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