Garage Door Trends in 2021

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Garage Door Trends in 2021

Garage doors do more than just keep your car protected from the elements. Modern garage doors play an essential role in adding curb appeal to your home, so you must choose the right garage door for your home. If you’re looking for a new garage door, look at the garage door trends in 2021 to see what’s popular before making your decision. From smart technology to color choice, there are many trends to consider. This guide will show you the best garage doors for 2021 to help boost your home’s curb appeal.

2021 Garage Door Technology Trends

Modern garage doors connect to mobile devices and smart home systems to make operation more convenient. Installing updated doors with security technology will help keep you and your loved ones safe. Check out this year’s new garage door technology trends:

  • MyQ app: Connecting your garage door opener to the myQ app gives you access to it from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. You can open and close your door and receive alerts through your smartphone or home system. You can also set up a recurring schedule so that it operates at a specific time each day.
  • Rolling code technology: Smart garage door openers keep you and your family safe through rolling code technology. The opener generates a new code every time you use the remote to open it. Since it forgets your old code, if an intruder somehow steals the code, they can’t get into your house.
  • Photo-eye sensors: Modern garage doors have photo-eye sensors that detect when an object or person is within its path. This technology sends the door in reverse to prevent injury or damage to those nearby.
  • Motion-detecting lights: You may want a garage door opener with motion-detecting lights to help you get from your car to your home. The lights turn on when the sensor detects motion and stays on for a few minutes. Besides making your garage more convenient, having lights in this part of your home can keep intruders at bay.
  • Wall-mount opening system: You can install a wall-mount garage door opener if you’d prefer more ceiling space. Since the system doesn’t have a chain belt, it’s easier to maintain. It also tends to operate more quietly than ceiling-mounted openers. With a wall-mount garage door opener, you can have a heavier door installed.
  • In-garage package delivery: Instead of leaving your Amazon packages outside, the delivery person can leave them in your garage. Connect your Prime account to the MyQ app to give the delivery person access to the inside of your home through Amazon Key. The door will open when they arrive, and you’ll receive real-time alerts about your packages through your mobile device.

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2021 Garage Door Design Trends

Your garage door should boost your home’s curb appeal and complement the overall design. Check out these trending garage door styles in 2021 to find the right product for your property:

  • Steel garage doors: Even though white steel garage doors have been around for a while, modern steel doors feature various color and texture options to look like natural wood. This material is durable, long-lasting and cost-effective, making it an excellent choice for any homeowner. Steel garage doors work with any architectural style, including farmhouse, cape cod, or contemporary.
  • Glass garage doors: Instead of having small windows on the top of your door, you can install a glass garage door with an aluminum frame. This design brings natural lighting into the garage and gives your home a sleek look. You may like this option if you use your garage as a workshop or want to show off your car. These garage doors offer options for frosted or tinted glass to give yourself some privacy in the garage. You can paint the aluminum frame any color to complement the rest of the home.
  • Carriage house or farmhouse doors: The farmhouse style features a vintage style that adds rustic charm to your home. A carriage house garage door operates like an overhead garage door but looks like a stable or barn door. Customize your door with decorative hardware and grooved panels. You can also choose different colors for the wood composite overlay.
  • Wood garage doors: A solid wood garage door offers a luxurious aesthetic appeal to your home. The unique graining pattern of each type of wood makes your property stand out from the houses on your block. Wood is also a natural insulator, so it can help control your living space’s temperature. If you want the wood look without the wood garage door, you can have a steel or composite garage door stained with a wood finish.
  • Insulation: Homeowners today want to save money on their energy bills by investing in energy-efficient features. You may want to add insulation to your garage door to control your indoor environment all year long. Insulation also reduces sound transfer to prevent noises from keeping you up at night.

2021 Garage Door Color Trends

Garage doors are traditionally white, but the industry now offers many other colors to match the rest of your home. Since you can paint or stain most garage door materials, you can make your door any color you want. Think about installing a door with one of these trendy colors:

  • Black: Consider a black garage door for a stark contrast to a white house. This bold, sleek color will make your home stand out among the others on your block. Black garage doors hide more dirt, which makes them easier to maintain than lighter-colored garage doors. 
  • Gray: This neutral color complements most house colors and styles. If you want to make a dramatic statement, you could paint the trim yellow, which is another trending color this year. Since gray doesn’t draw attention away from your home’s other features, you can use it to blend in with your existing design.
  • Teal: A deep shade of teal gives your home a subtle pop of color without being too bold. The combination of blue and green can have a calming effect. It can also complement earth-toned siding and decorative elements.
  • Brown: This color symbolizes the warmth and luxury of natural wood. If you choose a wooden garage door, the graining pattern will give your home a sophisticated appearance. It’s a great color option if your home is earth-tone colored. 
  • Greige: This combination of gray and beige is another neutral option for your garage door color. It can serve as a bold focal point to your home, but it also blends in with the rest of your home’s exterior.

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